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Drug Activity In The Workplace Investigations


From theft to laziness that causes a loss of production to the drama in the workplace, drug activity in the workplace can cause problems for employers.


All too often when an investigation into theft in the workplace is conducted it is found that employees involved in theft have addiction problems.


If you as employer have had theft issues or employees that are not producing as they should. There are some simple things you can do to help protect your company from drug use in the workplace.


1. Have pre-employment drug screening.

2. Have a random drug screen policy.


The drug testing should be done be a certified lab. The type of test should be a urinalyses or blood test. Mouth swabs are not the way to go. Use them only if you suspect an employee has come to work intoxicated by way of alcohol.


If your company does not have a drug screening policy. You should enact a policy immediately and advise your employees you have enacted a drug screening policy. The policy should include random testing.


Some employers may wish to have an investigation into the activities of their employees while at work. Unless you suspect employees of theft, we do not advise hiring a private investigator to investigate. There are other steps you can take. Enact the drug testing policies we suggested earlier. Install cameras where possible and where needed in your place of employment. This will enable you to monitor employee activities and it is a great deterrent. If you need help with selecting the right type of cameras and proper placement we can consult on the type and placement.


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