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The drug epidemic in the United States has reached a point of an insurmountable situation. There are many people that argue that because the drug war is unwinnable, we should just give up and legalize all drugs. We at Paladin Investigations, LLC disagree with this way of thinking. If anyone looked at this issue with common sense. They would understand that legalization of drugs across the board would only create more addicted people and more crime. And a faster decay of our society.



Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Heroin, prescription drugs dispensed illegally can cause serious addiction to the drugs for the people using them. It is the addiction that cause people to want nothing in life but to have and use these drugs. People that are addicted commit serious crimes once they have lost everything to pay for the drug. The desire and the belief that one needs the drug has and does cause people to commit crimes such robbery, burglary and even murder.



We believe that people that suffer from addiction should have their addiction treated. It is not these people who are the root cause of the decay of society from drug addiction. It is the people who profit from the destruction of the lives, and destruction of the family’s, of the people that have the addiction problems.



If you are involved in the selling or trafficking of drugs. We encourage you to get out of it. Stop being a part of destroying people’s lives. Do something to help people. Become an informant and help stop the others that are destroying lives.



Law enforcement can use your help. Most agencies, and prosecutors, will give you immunity if you help them. And you may even be eligible for a reward.



If you are not involved in the selling or trafficking of drugs. But you know someone that is. You too can help. You can become an informant. You can help your fellow citizens by helping stop the destruction of lives.



We understand that many people are frightened to talk with or work with law enforcement. There are some in law enforcement that are not the nicest people, and they do not treat the average person with respect. However, there are many people in law enforcement that are very good people.



If you are someone that is involved or know someone that is involved. And you want to help, but you are uncomfortable about going to law enforcement. There are a few ways we can help.



We can be a liaison between you and law enforcement.



We can take your information and present it to law enforcement for you. If you do not have enough information, we may do a preliminary investigation and take our findings to law enforcement. We may be able to work our way into the subject and work for law enforcement as an informant, if you are not comfortable in doing this.



This is the one of types of investigations we will do, to help people for very little compensation. In return you are helping your community.



If you have information or you are involved and want to do a good thing and make a difference, contact us for a free, private, confidential, and no obligation consultation.


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