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Insurance Fraud Surveillance

Employers and insurance companies often rely on private investigators to conduct surveillance of employees who have filed workers’ compensation claims. These investigations may be implemented to determine if an employee’s activities outside of work correspond to him or her having been injured at work. Employers and insurance companies may state that they use surveillance mechanisms and other tools to help pinpoint instances of fraud. However, employees may see this activity as an attempt to deny a valid claim under false pretenses. Employers may conduct surveillance to try to get the injured employee in a photograph or video that shows him or her working for another company while receiving workers’ compensation benefits or participating in an activity that does not correspond to his or her reported injuries.


If you are in need of a professional with experience in surveillance. Our investigator at Paladin Investigations has the experience you need and can trust. Our investigator is highly experienced in the art of undetected surveillance.


Paladin Investigations, LLC also provides counter surveillance services. If you are an employee that has filed a worker’s comp claim and feel you are under surveillance we can find out.


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