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There are many forms of corruption. Most people think of corruption as public officials taking bribes. And this is one form of corruption. Corruption does not necessarily just apply to acts that are illegal. Abuse of power can be illegal, but it also can fall under an ethics violation that may not be considered illegal. However, an ethics violation may lead to a person being removed or suspended from their position.


The best cure for corruption is sunlight. Sunlight is exposure of the persons wrongdoing. No matter if it an elected official, law enforcement officer or someone in a position like a building inspector. Or even a person working for a company that is embezzling money. This too is also a corrupt act.


Authority can corrupt a person. “Person” is the key word. We are all people, and we are all susceptible to making mistakes and abusing authority.


There are different ways to deal with corruption. The type of corruption that a person is engaged in. Determines what actions or steps to take to deal with or expose the corruption.


The actions that may need to be taken could be, contacting local, state, or federal law enforcement. Or it could be as simple as contacting the media. Exposing the situation and or acts to sunlight.


If you have information on a person that you believe is involved in corruption. Contact us for a free consultation. In most cases of corruption that involve public officials. We take on pro-bono if we feel we can help. If we do not take on the case, we may be able to point you in the right direction as to whom you should contact.

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