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We provide professional locate services for locating Missing & Abducted Children, Run Aways, Missing Persons, Witness’s & Defendant’s, Friends & Loved One’s, and Skip Tracing.


We are not a firm the provides a 29.99-99.99 locate service. If you are looking for someone you may find a company online that will do this for you for the price listed above. In many cases the information will not be accurate.


We do not take on all cases. We only take on missing person cases that are difficult or serious in nature. Serious in nature refers to but is not limited to, cases involving a person that is need of help due to addiction or may be in danger of bodily harm. An exception to this is: An adopted child that want to find their birth parent. There may be times we apply additional exceptions to our policy. The best way to find out if we will take your case is. Contact us for a free consultation.


We offer skip tracing services for locating persons for reason of unpaid debt. We also offer location services for finding long lost family members and friends. If you have been disconnected from a friend from childhood, and just want to reconnect We may be able to help. If you have a family member that you have been disconnected from for years and are having trouble locating them, we may be able to help.


There are people that attempt to use, and some are successful at using locate services, to find people for reason to do harm to that person.


Before we take on a case, we must know the reason you want to locate the person you are looking for. We will check your story and your background before we proceed with the case.


Our locate services start at $450 for U.S. searches (This cost may not apply to missing or abducted children. Contact us for a free consultation and evaluation of your case.). If the locate is international the cost can be much more. The actual cost will depend on what country the person is missing in and how much time it will take. Not all cases conclude with the outcome a client is hoping for.


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