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Drug Trafficking Surveillance



Surveillance of drug dealers or drug traffickers is highly risky. It should not be done by untrained and inexperienced persons. If you suspect or know of someone involved in the drug trade, please contact your local law enforcement.



There are reasons your local law enforcement may not act on the information you give them. Law enforcement only has so many resources. Additionally, law enforcement acts much more quickly if the person you report is a known drug dealer or person known to be involved in drug trafficking. They may not act to interested if the information you have cannot be substantiated.



Law enforcement receives many crime tips or reports of crime. This goes back to they only have so many resources.



Surveillance can lead to evidence law enforcement needs to open a case or take a case on. Our investigator has the experience in high-risk surveillance. In his prior work with Federal Law Enforcement, Local Law Enforcement, and even British Special Police, surveillance was part of the job.



If you have information regarding drug trafficking or someone involved in the selling or manufacturing of illegal drugs. And you have gone to law enforcement, and they need more evidence. Or you just need to talk to someone regarding the information you have.



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