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Professional Surveillance Services


Surveillance is one of the most used skills in the private investigation and bail enforcement industries. Weather an investigator is investigating a cheating spouse, employee theft, insurance fraud or verifying the location of a fugitive. The investigator must be able to do the surveillance and get the evidence required without being noticed. If an investigator is noticed while doing surveillance, it can and most often will blow the investigation. People who are cheating will stop the affair for a short time, people committing insurance fraud will make it much harder to watch them and prove the fraud, employees will stop stealing for a short time, and fugitives will run and hide somewhere else starting the process of locating them all over again. For this reason, you want to hire a private investigator with exceptional surveillance skills.


Our investigator has exceptional surveillance skills. Our investigators are experienced in high-risk surveillance. His surveillance experience includes surveillance on persons involved with drug cartels, members of organized crime groups/organizations, homicide suspects, drug traffickers, and stalkers.


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